How To Cancel Bumper Subscription? 4 Best Ways!

Cancel Bumper Subscription

If you’ve already obtained the vehicle history reports you were seeking through your Bumper membership, it’s time to consider canceling your subscription to avoid any further deductions from your account. For those in the market for a new vehicle, Bumper offers an extensive range of data to assist you in making informed decisions about one of the most significant purchases in your life, including vehicle history reports and ownership information.

To cancel your Bumper subscription, you’ll need to reach out to Bumper’s customer support either by calling their dedicated phone number or sending a cancellation request via their official support email address. For detailed guidance on unsubscribing from Bumper services without complications, please continue reading this article.


Understanding a Bumper Subscription: Benefits of Bumper Membership

The Bumper subscription we’re discussing is essentially a recently introduced rewards program that enhances their vehicle history reporting services. This subscription aims to simplify the experience for car owners when buying, owning, or selling a vehicle, saving both time and money. Here are the benefits of a Bumper subscription:

  1. Unlimited vehicle history reports.
  2. Unlimited theft record lookups.
  3. Unlimited searches for accident and salvage records.
  4. Unlimited background and sales record searches.
  5. Unlimited title checks.
  6. Unlimited equipment and specification details.
  7. Unlimited information on ownership costs and market values.
  8. License plate, VIN, and model searches.
  9. Multi-car monitoring.
  10. Downloadable PDF reports.
  11. Access to approved NMVTIS data.
  12. Customer support via email and phone.
  13. Bumper showroom for researching and saving cars while browsing online.

Within just a few months of its launch, Bumper’s subscription service has garnered thousands of active users each month, highlighting its popularity and usefulness.

Is Bumper Subscription Free?

No, unfortunately, the Bumper subscription is not available for free. In today’s world, finding anything entirely free is a rare occurrence. To access Bumper’s subscription benefits, you’ll need to pay for either a monthly subscription or a three-month plan.

How Much Does a Bumper Subscription Cost?

The cost of a Bumper subscription is $19.99 per month. However, if you opt for the three-month subscription plan, you’ll only pay $38.97 in total, equivalent to $12.99 per month.

How to Cancel Your Bumper Subscription

To cancel your Bumper subscription, you have two primary options, both of which involve contacting Bumper’s customer support:

  1. Cancel Bumper Subscription by Phone: Simply call Bumper’s customer service team at 1-332-225-9745 and explain why you no longer require their paid subscription service. After verifying your identity and collecting necessary account details, they will process your cancellation request.
  2. Cancel Bumper Subscription via Email: If you prefer a less direct approach, you can email your cancellation request to Use the subject line “Request for Cancellation of My Bumper Subscription” and state that you no longer wish to use Bumper’s subscription services. Ensure you provide all required account details for identity verification.
  3. Cancel Bumper Subscription on the Website: Alternatively, you can cancel your subscription directly through Bumper’s website. Follow these steps:
  • Visit the official Bumper website in your web browser.
  • Log in to your Bumper account.
  • Navigate to the Subscriptions tab and select the subscription you want to cancel.
  • Click on the Cancel option and follow the provided instructions. You will receive a confirmation email once your subscription is canceled.
  1. Cancel Bumper Subscription via PayPal: If you’ve been using PayPal to pay for your Bumper subscription, you can also cancel it through your PayPal account:
  • Log in to your PayPal account on the official website.
  • Access the Settings menu by clicking the gear icon at the top right.
  • Choose the Payments tab.
  • Locate your Bumper subscription among your active subscriptions.
  • Select the Bumper subscription and click on the cancel option.
  • Follow the provided steps to complete the cancellation process.

Bumper Subscription – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bumper Subscription Auto-Renew?

Yes, if you don’t cancel your Bumper subscription before the current term expires, it will automatically renew, and the membership fees will be deducted from your linked account, whether or not you continue using the services.

Can You Cancel Bumper to Bumper Warranty?

If you wish to cancel your Bumper to Bumper extended warranty, you can do so by contacting Bumper’s customer support.

Wrap Up

We hope this guide helps you avoid unnecessary charges for a Bumper subscription you no longer need. Remember to cancel your subscription before the start of the new term (month) to avoid additional costs. If you have any other subscriptions or services you’d like guidance on canceling, feel free to ask in the comments for assistance.