How To Cancel Verizon Fios? 2 Easy Methods To Cancel!

Cancel Verizon Fios

Given the numerous internet and cable network providers available, there’s a strong possibility of finding a better and more cost-effective subscription than Verizon. If you’ve already discovered one and wish to cancel your Verizon Fios service, this guide can assist you in doing so.

Verizon is a leading service provider in the US, serving approximately 120 million cell phone subscribers nationwide. In addition to cell phone services, Verizon offers internet, TV, and wireless home phone services. Whether you signed up for a Verizon free trial or are dissatisfied with their services, you have the option to cancel.

To cancel your Verizon Fios services, you must contact Verizon customer support by phone and request the cancellation of your subscription. Provide them with your essential account details, and they will process the cancellation for you. Alternatively, you can visit a Verizon store to cancel your services.

For detailed information on canceling your Verizon Fios subscription in a straightforward manner, continue reading this article.


How To Cancel Verizon Fios? | Cancel Verizon Wireless

If you’re certain about discontinuing your Verizon Fios service, you can reach out to their customer support, who will guide you through the cancellation process. There are two ways to accomplish this, both of which are explained below.

How To Cancel Verizon Fios Over The Phone

  1. Dial 844-837-2262 on your phone, and you will be connected to a Verizon Fios customer service representative. Inform the agent that you wish to terminate your Fios service and request the cancellation.
  2. The representative may attempt to persuade you to keep the service, so be prepared with a firm decision and a valid reason for canceling. After convincing them, provide all the necessary details related to your subscription, and they will process the cancellation.
  3. Note that the customer service number is available only from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 6 pm ET, so ensure you call within this timeframe to speak with a customer service executive promptly.

How To Cancel Verizon Fios In Person

If you prefer not to make a phone call, you can visit a physical Verizon store in person. Speak with a representative and request the cancellation of your service, ensuring you bring important account information as they may require it.

You can locate the nearest Verizon store on their website and check their operating hours to visit when the store is open.


Is There A Free Trial Of Verizon Fios?

Yes, Verizon offers a 14-day free trial of its service from the day you subscribe. During the initial fourteen days, you can use Verizon’s services without any charges. If you’re dissatisfied, you can cancel the service within this period without incurring any fees.

Is There A Cancellation Fee For Verizon Fios?

Yes, if you cancel your Verizon service before your contract ends, an early termination fee is applicable. This fee can be as high as $350, depending on the number of months remaining in your contract. The fee decreases by $15 for each month that passes.

How To Return Verizon Fios Equipment?

To return Verizon equipment after canceling their services, simply take it to the nearest UPS Store authorized by Verizon. There’s no need to pack the equipment; just bring it to the store, where the staff will check the serial numbers and handle the return. Ensure you obtain a receipt for returning the items.

How Can I Contact Verizon Wireless Fios Customer Service?

For inquiries regarding Verizon’s services, you can contact Customer Service at 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966). Additionally, you can use their Live Chat option by clicking the “Chat Now” button on the official website. Visit the Verizon Contact Us page for more contact details.

Wrapping Up

This article provides you with essential information on canceling your Verizon Fios services hassle-free. We hope this guide has been helpful to you, and you encounter no difficulties in terminating your respective service.